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About us

2016-10-25 11:34


Mallhaha is both an online platform and an offline social enterprise.  Online, Mallhaha hosts a marketplace where sellers and buyers can interact. Physical goods, services and memberships are exchanged between parties. Everyday products ranging from clothing to personal care products to luggage to general furnishing for offices and homes are all available on the website. 


Our website also serves as a platform for job seekers, we post full-time, part-time jobs and internships throughout China.  We give you the opportunity to optimize your professional profile with one tap; all you need to do is create a profile and upload your resume then apply for the jobs that interest you. We also offer real time translation language support services, housing accommodation, train and plane ticket bookings


 What is more, Mallhaha not only lists these career opportunities online we host quality events to compliment those listings. Offline, events are created to maximize the user’s experience in the form of personal and business development. Networking events, workshops with business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and job fairs are the kinds of activities you can expect to be a part of. Registered users and followers enjoy these offline interactions while Mallhaha seeks to make a social impact within its community.


At Mallhaha we understand the challenges that come with living in a foreign country. With that in mind, we make it our priority to help foreigners navigate those difficulties as it relates to their experience China.

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