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Recruiting talent

2016-10-25 11:34

Urgently Required PHP Developer (Mallhaha)

Do you take pride in your web development ability? Would you like to use your skills in an energetic atmosphere? We at Mallhaha are looking for the right PHP developer for our team. Working closely with the development team. You will be working with a team of hardworking, creative programmers and developers, and as a result you will have the opportunity to grow professionally and refine your skills.


Skills And Qualifications

·       At least 3 years of PHP development experience

·       Familiar with object-oriented programming

·       Experience in MySQL database development and database optimization

·       Familiar with REST protocol

·       Strong sense of responsibility, good document writing habits and team spirit

·       Strong learning ability and self-learning ability

·       Must have a descent command of Chinese 



·       Independently develop new development requirements proposed by various departments

·        Complete development tasks according to the division of labor of the team

·       Deal with daily problems found and complete system process optimization according to the requirements of various departments

·       Handle and locate all system problems in real time, and quickly correct mistakes.

·       Prepare qualified documents as required

·       Follow the process pacifications of the development department


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Mr. David Gao: 138 1092 6591

Mr. Sydney Mwaimba: 134 2630 5244

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