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One Belt Technology Service(Beijing) CO., LTD.

MallHaHa help foreigners in China to establish opportunity to communicate with Chinese companies and service providers, help them better integrate into China, understand China, and solve difficulties as top priority. Help them to connect with more excellent enterprises and service providers in China, and solving their live   problems in China.

MallHaHa help more companies to connect with a large number of international talents. At present, the platform has settled in enterprises with a large number of international business needs, such as education industry, import and export trade industry, technology industry, hotel, tourism and other industries. We use Internet means to help Chinese companies that have a need for internationality business, using the most advanced technology, more accurate, faster, cheaper, and more reasonable ways to connect and serve international talents. To create more opportunities to connect with the international market, we help users organize more offline international talent exchange opportunities, so that more service providers, enterprises and organizations can explore the international market more quickly and accurately.



At Mallhaha our vision is to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world.

Help create a world where culture, traditions and opportunities can be shared equally in all corners of the planet.

Bring the world together in mutual collaboration, integrating societies and creating development for all.


Give people from all corners of the world equal opportunities to prosper irrespective of race, religion or beliefs.

Bring down cultural barriers, integrating the world and fostering cooperation between societies.

Promote and develop strong relationship between the world and China.


Passion: Our goal is driven by our will to help the next.

Accountability: Ensure everyone with a need can count on us.

Commitment: Always deliver the best opportunities.

Focus: Our mind is set on our mission.

Dedication: Continuously improve our tools for helping foreigners.

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work & GIGS(兼职)

The “Jobs & Gigs” section is for users to share free-lance jobs, temporary gigs or part-time job opportunities. The content of the posts shared here is not guaranteed nor verified by MallHaHa. If you are looking for job positions with registered and verified companies, licensed to hire foreigners, go to “Jobs”.

Flea Market (跳蚤市场)

The “Flea Market” is a space for users to sell goods, either brand-new or second-hand. We cannot verify the integrity of the products that are sold here.

We only provide a secure platform for payment with our 10 days policy. After the payment of the service, the payer can file a complaint within 10 days after the payment is made to apply for a refund. If no complaint is made within the 10 days period the payer cannot apply for any refund.

In case of a non-plausible reason for a refund under a complaint, the complainer should pay the return fee for the shipping so that a refund may be applicable. We are not responsible for any type of transaction that may happen outside of MallHaHa’s trough any other platform such as WeChat, Alipay, etc…


The apartments or homes posted here are directly with the landlord. Landlords are not verified nor affiliated with MallHaHa. .

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