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User service protocol

2015-12-04 23:18

reminded users to read the articles in the user service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement). Unless you accept the terms of this agreement, you have no right to use the relevant services provided by this website. Your use will be deemed to be acceptable to this Agreement and agreed to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

1. Define

  1. "user" means to comply with the conditions stipulated in this Agreement and agree to comply with the various rules and regulations of the site (including but not limited to this Agreement) and to use the individual or agency of this site.

  2. "seller" refers to the users who sell items on this website. "Buyer" means the user who buys items on this website.

  3. "transaction" refers to the buyer's right to purchase the goods in accordance with the conditions proposed by the buyer in a specified time, according to the seller's request for the transaction.

two, user qualification

only persons or entities that conform to one of the following conditions can apply to be this website user and can use the service of this site.

  1. a natural person who is eighteen years old and has civil rights and civil capacity;

  2. a natural person who is under eighteen years of age but who has written consent (including, but not limited to, his parents);

  3. companies, enterprises, associations and other organizations established and lawfully established according to Chinese laws or laws, regulations and / or regulations established.

the agreement between a person with no capacity for civil conduct, a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, or an organization without a business or specific business qualification to be registered as a user of the website or beyond its civil rights or capacity to engage in a transaction, the agreement between the site and the website is invalid since the site is found and has the right to immediately cancel the user. And pursue all legal responsibilities of using the website's "service".

three. User rights and obligations

  1. users have the right to use the provisions of this Agreement and the relevant rules issued by this website to log in, issue information, inquire articles, purchase items, enter into a contract for buying and selling with other users, post in the community of the website, participate in the activities of the website and have the right to enjoy this Other information and information services provided by the website.

  2. users have the right to change passwords and transaction passwords as required. The user shall bear full responsibility for all activities and events carried out by the user name.

  3. users are obliged to ensure that any information and registration information provided to the site is true and accurate, including but not limited to real name, ID card number, contact phone, address, postal code, etc. Ensure that this website and other users can contact themselves through the above contact information. At the same time, users are also obliged to update relevant registration information in time when the relevant information is actually changed.

  4. users are not allowed to transfer or authorize others to use their user accounts on this website in any form.

  5. users have the obligation to ensure that the goods on the website's online trading platform are logged on, and the transaction information is authentic, accurate and misleading.

  6. users are not allowed to buy or sell articles that are prohibited by the state or limited in sale, and may not buy or sell articles that violate the intellectual property rights of others or other legitimate rights and interests, nor do they buy and sell items that violate public interests or public morals.

  7. users are not allowed to publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information on this website. Including but not limited to item information, transaction information, community post, message, shop message, evaluation content, etc.

  8. users should abide by the principle of honesty and credit in the transaction of this website. They may not disturb the order of online transactions by interfering or manipulating the price of goods, and do not engage in improper behavior that is not related to online transactions, and do not publish any illegal information on the trading platform.

  9. users should not adopt improper means (including but not limited to false transactions, exchange praise and other ways) to improve their own or others' credit degree, or to use improper means to evaluate other users maliciously and reduce the credit of other users.

  10. users have committed themselves to complying with national laws, regulations and relevant provisions of the website, as well as various social and public interests or public morals in the use of all the actions of the web trading platform on this website. For any legal consequence, the user will bear all the corresponding legal liabilities in his own name.

  11. users can request the website to coordinate with other users if they dispute with other users in the process of online transaction. If a user discovers that any other user has committed an offence or violates this agreement, he can report it to this website. If users are lawsuits against other users due to online transactions, users have the right to request relevant information from this website through the judicial department.

  12. users should bear the relevant costs arising from transactions and pay taxes according to law.

  13. without the written permission of this website, the user may not make any derivative, distribution, or public display of this website information and any information displayed on the trading platform in the form of replication, modification, translation and other forms.

  14. users agree to receive information from this website, including but not limited to activity information, transaction information, promotion information and so on.

four, the rights and obligations of this website

  1. this website is not a "auctioneer" in the traditional sense.