Douban 8.3, 2050, when humans will marry robots, the works of love between humans and robots emerge endlessly: Pei Douna plays a robot maid in Zhiyu and director's Air Doll, which satisfies almost all the houseboys'fantasies about robots as objects of love. The sci-fi film "her" has opened the love brain hole of human artificial intelligence. Reasons for recommendation before tomorrow: The length of future science and technology documentary: 4 episodes * 58 minutes to watch address: Tencent video "Before Tomorrow" is a unit documentary, Douban 8.3 points. A camera, a host, top scientists and industry representatives who visit more than 20 countries in one year. They chose four topics, each of which was mysterious: Can robots be human companions? Should human beings have the right to withdraw from life? Can human beings really live forever by science and technology? How do different groups of people get along?

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