Every Sunday Afternoon Socialmeetup, make more friends! Details Sunday, May12, 20192:00 PM to 5:00 PMI of your wanting to make new friendships and I of your wanting to extend our network work I of your wanting to find out the omelanguageners I of your wanting to some freshly madecrafted TRS I of your feeling have the opportunity to join with the society!! (RSVP now!!!!!!!!!! When: Every Sunday Afternoon, 14:00-17:00-Where: BoxingCatBrewery (opening bar before Previous Kaiba) Address: 739Dingxiroad (neartheintersection with Yananroad) Dingxi Road 739, Metro: Yanan Anstroad Metro Metro Station Note that note that there are multiple forms, 30 + pepeople multiplex forms + multiplex forms 30 + pee multiplex forms plus 30 + pepepee multiplex forms multiplex forms multipleachtime-Wannajoin? RSVPonMeetup-Anyquestion? Addus OnWechat:[masked]-Howtofindus? [masked]-Howtofinduls? I fyoufindabdable signature of peopletletalkingin English, that \\\\\\\\ TherewillbeaMEETUPsignature bean MEETUPsignature on the table, Don \\\\ tbeshy and comeuptoaskifwearethemeappeappeappeappellate group. sevesevesbrough rough rough UPDATE yourRSVP status. WETAKETHISSERIOUSLY: Members of RSVP Yes anddon tshowup3 time swillberemoved from the group.2. Inordertorespect the venue, pleasedon tbringyourowndrink / food and considering adrink; 3. This NOT commercialevent! You\\\\\\\\\\\

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