Every Wednesday!! Best Weekly Social Meetup!


Wednesday, May 8, 2019 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
If you wanna share your best travel tips
If you want to make new friends
If you want to extend your network
If you feel like having a relaxing night talking with friendly people
Then this is the place to be!!
Welcome to join our Social night at Koala Bar RSVP now!!!

- When: Every Wednesday night, 19:00 - 22:00
- Where: Koala Bar (West Huaihai Rd/Panyu Rd)
Address: 280 West Huaihai Lu (near the intersection with Panyu Rd)
淮海西路280号, 近番禺路
Metro: Jiaotong University Metro Station. Nearest Exit: 4 or 5

Note that we promote on several platforms, usually have 20+ people each time
- Wanna join? RSVP on Meetup
- Any question? Add us on Wechat:[masked]
- How to find us?
If you find a bunch of people talking in English, that's probably us. Don't be shy and come up to ask if we are the meetup group.
This event is brought to you by >>> M2adventure <<<


1. If you sign up show up! If you can't join anymore, UPDATE your RSVP status. WE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY: Members that RSVP 'Yes' and don't show up 3 times will be removed from the group.

2. In order to respect the venue, please don't bring your own drink/food and consider ordering a drink ;)

3. This is NOT a commercial event! You're not here to promote other groups or business. If you want to do so, please talk to the main Organizers first.
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