Details of the Royal Throne Game Premiere Party Monday, May 15, 2019, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Who will inherit the throne? How will the war between the living and the dead unfold? Where do you go when unexpected deaths occur? What if one or more fan theories are proved to be true? The only way to really find the answer is to join other fans in the last season of the Premier League - the same place, the same time, the same excitement and unexplained fear pouring into everyone. Maybe you've planned to stay at home with your friends and order pizza, or pray that a decent bar is playing it... But will it really be comfortable? We decided to hold the last season of Super Doping, the 40 souls'first watch party! ___________ On Monday, April 15, we will broadcast the long-awaited first episode of season 8. Because it's broadcast in the United States on Sunday evening - in the morning of China, we have to wait until everyone has finished their lovely work and get together in the evening. Provide delicious food, drinks and optional desserts until they are fully served. Provide comfortable chairs for everyone attending the meeting. Venue: 63 Taiyuan Road/63 Taiyuan Road, Xuhui District

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