YEJO - May11 SuzhouWild Horseback Day Suzhou Wild Ride Details Satellite, May11, 20198:00 AMto4:00 PMYEJOCircle-Refreshing, Inspiring & amp; Empowering Lifecloud Oyster Club - Legend Riders - Suzhou Wild Horseback Day Wild Ride Happy Horseback Day - Suzhou Wild Ride Person: 699 RMB Web page of the Unknowledgeable Nature Eptitbutdon tget control lledbyit, ratherty to ransforming to the total embracement of UNITY. The ntheneweraisopened: Express and Enjoy the energy to GETHER, nomatterthe species, color, opinions whatsoever... I tispart of what thorough seridingisabout.... About the Retreat The Fantastic Feeling of ridding in the wilderness Sbring of eclosion harmony with hnaturation and the one under you: the horse... The twoballadsinnaturewill ensure aloto ffunandpassion! Enjoyalittletasteof wildnearShanghai... Niceforest and countryside too.Itinerary 08:30 Private transfer from Shanghai to Court 10:30 Arrive Parkand Horsing Court 10:40 Induction Session "Into helifeatured culture" 11:00 Wildride session 13:00 Locallunch, enjoyment of the time, enjoyment of getherness 14:30 Private transfer back to Shanghai 17:00 Arrival Shanghai Equipment (Needled Preparedness Participant) - Sports on behalf of Rainbow( Incaseitrains - Thicklong pants - Gloves (optional) - Drinking bottle (nosoftplastic, as oftenrefilling swith boiledwater and itmelts) - Weather protection ordination to the season (like sunscreen insummer, scarfinwinter) - Openmind:) Safety Points ForRiding: Equipment-protection (helmet, glorpves, bootsorgatives, rovided by ch) Don lose our resources-syletopost Don\\\\\\\\ Don T ttrytopass the fronthorse (thereishierarchybetweethorses, and it will stress them) In the woodslook for the branche and keep the hemiddle of heroadoryou can lose aneyeDon\\ tgofastwithththehorse on the concreteroad caused by the can slide off and fall off. Don\ \\ twalkalkback of kick you can kick you) feel the Kelsephord \ Don \The results of this study are as follows:1. Don thoughtful toolkit ortoloose - ensure clearance command and communication with hahorse. Included - Transportation From & amp; Backto Shanghai - Guiding & amp; Coaching - 1 time wildride around 7 - 8km - Insurance Notluded - Alcoholic Drinksevere - Other Personnel xpense - ----- Fast booking and inquiry for quick registration and consultation with scissors/Chinese EnglishSpeed mobile:[masaking] Wechat: quipart [masked]

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