YEJO-May10-12 Yoga Retreat and Authentic Temple life Temple Yoga spiritual detils Friday, May10, 2019, 2019, 7:30 PMYEJOCircle-Refreshing, Inspiring & amp; Empowering Lifefecloud retreat club-Empowering LifefefeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeFeijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijie-Inspiring Harmony-Yopiring HarringHarmony-Yoga Retreat and Authentic Temple Temple Temple spiritual land return to the heart-monast yoga Yoga spiritual yoga repair Perga Person Perga Person The results of this study are as follows:1. WelcomeBookingat page endDuringthese2days, we cut the busyness and habitualty inking, retreat our selvesamongthecountryside\ snature. Stayinatemple, experiencethelifeofaZenBuddhismmonk, emptyourhead, forgetdailylpatternand feelrefreshing the dwhilepracticing ___________ Itinerary Experience and conformance to the templeregular larlife for 2 days and 2 nights. The scheduled eisdesigned accordings to the templeanditsspiritualpractice. - - 2 days of nospeaking practice - - we will choose temple whickingsquirtility and nottouristic-temple dormitory, some timesbroomshared, toiletiside-willingness to bet in English-dailyingling and maybe temperament by temperament justification beams Andteacher Day 119:30 Gathering and learning from Shanghai 22:00 GoodSleep Day 205:00 Getup05:30 Morning Chanting with the Temple Monks-Following the Energy 07:00 Vegetarian Breakfast 08:00 Yoga Practice, warmup, introduction& orientationheposes (2hours) 10:00 Meditation and Sharing Q& A11:00 Vehicle Time release 13:30 Yoga Energy (Yoga Partnership) 30 Turning incident temple17:00 Vegetarian Dinner 18:00 Meditation, Chanting and Sharing timeQ& A20:00 Solitudetime& A20:00 Solitudetime& SleepDay305:00Getup05:30 Morning Chanting with TempleMonks-Following Energy0606:30 Vegetarian kBreakfast 08:00 Yogapractice (2hours) 10:00 Meditation, chanting Q& A11:00 Vegetation and Sharing Time Q& A11:00:00 Lugepractice 13 13:00 Practice 13:00 Breakpoint: Breakpoint: Breakfast & amp: Breakpoint: Breakfast: Breakfast: Breakfast: Breakfast: Breakfast: Energytechni Partner Yoga 15:00 Summaryandsharing time 15:30 LeavingtoShanghai About Teacher Prem was born in Keirak, India, nowisin Shanghai, Heisa professional yogainstructor. Hehadover 10 yearsprofessional learning and studyinfamoury of India, andgetmaster\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Gainbangalore, India, where the taught Shivandayoga. Meanwhile the taught to the Assamriflecampalso. During the past10 years, the hasbeenengagedinAshtanga Vinyasayoga, hathayoga, and physical altherapy yogateaching, especial good dat Ashtanga Vinyasayoga! A. Heismeticulous, hepaysattention to the positioning of body type for low, breath and body type operation; The password is clear, goodat guide, friendly and powerful. Equipment (Need to be preparedbyeach participant) - Yourpass Portor China ID card for checkin - Youryogamat (veryimportant) - Comfortable lottery practice, flexible, simple ecology (nosexyclothes, novelty-other loudest intellectuals) )- sports shoes, or simple hoesthat can be coveryourtow (noslippers when you are outside) - Temple will provide debedsheets and blanket-Drinking bottle torefillwater (abottle hat can be refilled with hhotwater, if you want to drive only nkclodwater, please repay your own) - Personal washingkits and towel kits-Goodspiritual mind (veryrecommend system of life) Temple will provide debedsheets and blanket-Drinking bottletorefillwater. Cilities-Separated ormitories for leand female-Vegetarian meals, nowastefood-Nosmoking, noalcoholic drinks for uring here treat-Nomobilephones duringthelesson and the real time Included-Transportation From& Backto Shanghai-Insurance-Mealsasperitinerary-Guiding& Coaching-mmodation-Other Included-Inclusions - - - YJOfengChina/English Speaking:-mobile:[ Masked]/[masked] wechat: [masked] [masked]

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