YEJO-May10-12 ZhejiangMt.DapanHike Panan Dapan Hike Zhejiang Panan Dapan Mountain Panan Pan Hike Details Friday, May10, 2019, 2019, 7:30 PMYEJOCircle-Refreshing, Inspiring & amp; Empowering Lifefecloud essence club Empowering Life Beyond Formality... - ZhejiangMt. Dapan Hike Dapan Dapan Hiking Dapan Hiking Dapan Hiking Dapan Hiking Dapan Hiking Dapan Hiking Dapan Mountain Panpan Mountain Panpan Mountain, Zhejiang Panan Panan Panan Mountain, Zhejiang Panan Panan Panan Mountain, Panan Panan Mountain, Panan Panan Panan Mountain, May10, 2019, 2019, 2019 Strength Technology City 3/5 Difficulty Bookingat page end please register at the bottom of the page for Mindisformlesslikethesky, yetitwearsamillionfaces. Itappearsasimages from the pastoraswordlyforms, butitisnot the upgrade Self. IamOne. Iamallofthe, yetIamundifferentiated, beyondallforms... AbouttreatMt. Dapan, 1245 mhigh, locate Zhemiofiengjiangprovince. Literally seers, of mountains, etc. Range, and forests. Bigamount of valuable medical plants growinthemountain, well kept the forest ecologicaltypes. In the history of China, there remanyhermitslived there, includea family princeZhaoming, onthe top of hemountain, westillwouldseebandonedtemple. The hikeothiount is aimed at the center of the forest and the feeling of great temperament, allusion, what kind of tweet are there? About this trip to Dapan Mountain, Qing Daoguang's "Dongyang County Chronicle" reads: "Dapan Mountain is 500 Zhangs high. On Monday, 130 miles, Dongyang River goes north and draws streams south. It looks like a basin, so it is named." The starting points of the mountains of Kuocang, Huiji, Yandang and Xianxia Ridge in the middle of Zhejiang Province are Dapan Mountain. They are also the birthplaces of the waters of Oujiang, Wujiang, Lingjiang and Cao'e Rivers. They are 1245 meters above sea level. The ancients called them "the ancestors of mountains and the sources of water". Deep into the Dapan Mountains, the vegetation of all kinds of mountain forests goes up step by step, the forest under the sun is dyed, and you can visit a lot of authentic Chinese medicinal plants. Nature is quiet and visible. A whole day's hiking into the hinterland of Dapan Mountain, arrived at the top of the hill in a flat terrain, elevated mountains, looking around, streams like zones, mountain villages vague. There are still ancestral temples and temples of Xiao Tong, the prince of Zhaoming in the mountains. Only remains can be seen in ancient times. Itinerary Day 1 Duringholidays we will departure from the Pan Tree at 14:0019:30 Leave Shanghai, goodreston on EBUS 01:00 Arrive at ZhejiangPan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ain16:00 Restinnature17:00 Back tool guesthouse 18:00 Dinnertogether 19:30 Villagewalktoenjoy the peaceful moments 22:30 QuietsleepDay306:30 Morningstretching for the earliest birds08:00 Everyone gets up and breaks fast 09:00 Anikearound to be a 12:00 Local Lunch 14:00 to Background 19:30 Arbor Transportation Private Shanghai (related Available Transportation) Om/backto Shanghaidowntown.Gathering Time: 19:30 Place:(unless snotified differently) Zhongshan Park MetroStation, Line 3-4, Exit 3 Beside the 7-Eleven Shop Meals The meals include local dishes, freshvegetable tablets cooked in the traditional way. Simple and Healthy. Should you have special requirements, please be satisfied with the present situation. Hoose, accordingto the irgoodservicecommitment. Arrangement sareusuallytwinbedrooms and occasionally all yinashareddormitory. Friendland and Familyatmosphere. Cleanandsimple. Equipment (Needtobe prepared, byeachparticipant) - Hikingshoes (necessary, path sarslippery whenwet) - Aquawillshoes (incentive to have the waterway crossover to wet) - Every Kit & amp; Ick DrySport gear-Raincoat-Hikingpoles-Drinking bottle (nosoft plastic, as of enrefilling switchboiledwater and itmelts) - Smallbag to carryyourthings duringthe day-Personal alteration oil etriesand towel-Smallsnacks Duringthe hikened to carryyourluggage, we will stay in the guesthouse for fortnights-carryyourluggage-Included-Transportation; Shanghai-Insurance-From-Insurance-Guidelining& Coaching-2 nightsac commodation Notincluded-Alcoholic Drinks-Other rpersonalex penses YEJOfengChina/EnglishSpeaking Mobile: [masked]/[masked] wechat:[masked] [masked] YEJOWetAccount: YEJOCIRCLE-SHANGHAIWebsite:

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