Pool Paddling Practice


Shanghaied Dragons
Winter Pool Paddling Practice
Jingan Gardens, 1131 Wuding Road
Pool Fee: 89RMB
RVSP till Tuesday 14:00, later directly by wechat with Lutz

* Warm up starts at 19:15, pool paddling practice starts at 19:30.
* Wear your usual dragon boat get up for this activity, you may go barefoot or use your slippers or seat pads
* Bring drinking sufficient water
* Bring your own paddle. We have secured paddles for those who have confirmed they can’t bring one.
* Pay the 89 RMB fee at the counter when you arrive, go to the lockers to get changed, then off to the pool. (The fee includes using the pool, locker and changing rooms, bathroom, sauna, steam room and other facilities)
* At the request of the pool owners, please wash your paddle before paddling in the pool.
* A single lane on the side of the pool has been reserved for our use, so as not to disturb other pool users/swimmers; a minimum of 8 paddlers are required for the activity to push through, and maximum of 15.
* If you decide to swim in the pool, bathing suits and swim caps are required; usual pool policies apply; pool closes 10pm

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