Japanese Culture Speech Family Details Sunday, April 28, 20197:00 PMto9:30 PMEveryweekon Sunday, here is the Sino-Japanese Language Corner! You can practice Japanese here and make friends all over the world. We encourage you to speak Japanese. If you are from Japan, there are many friends here who are willing to teach you Chinese! Welcome to Sino-Japanese Language Corner! Time: Sunday afternoon 19:00-21:30: venue: Old Wosalud (Dongcheng Fangchang Hutontong 2) Participation fee: 20 yen Sino-Sino exchange \\\\\\\\\\\\\\The Best Place! Japanese Fang Fang とって、北京で住んている色んな職業をしている外国人と知り合う絶好なチャンスです!中国語会話の練習にもいい場所!日付:日曜日夜7時から9時半まで場所:老伍salud(東城区方轉場胡同2号)参加費:20元ThisistheJapanesecorner!YoucanpracticeJapaneseherealsotomakefriendsfromdiff Reference countries. weencourage yours to peak Japanesealsoif you are from Japanthere to be aloof of Chinesefriendship and swhoare willingness to take part in your Chinese! Welcome to our Japanesecorner. Time: Sunday 19:00 pm. ~21:30 pm. address: Old Salud (No.2 Fang zhuanchanghutong, Dongchengdistrict) We have Weekend Group: 20 yuan. Please add a message: Next weather ave group, wedchat:

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