Chanel Chanel Early Spring 2009 Series Suits!!! Shop synchronization update, high-end customization! Elegant personality Lapel print short sleeve irregular jacket Retro High Waist screen irregular skirt hemi skirt suit ____________ Match the belt! Especially professional style! Simple retro layout design, elegant retro style, exquisite and elegant, highlighting the feminine charm, simple line design, outline the perfect figure, this upper body super elegant oh, smooth line design, vaguely reveals low-key luxury beauty, strongly recommended, the original replica engraving, early spring wearing this is too beautiful, the fabric feel soft and skin-friendly, meticulous workmanship, flawless, picking. With 100% polyester fabric, color, dichroism, code number, S-XL, S-code chest 84, dress length 64, waist 60, skirt length 70, M-XL, add 2 cm in turn, complete package, do not package 10, P280

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