HC-170OFF 2019SS春夏季圆领时尚短袖T恤,顶级精梳棉面料!克重达标 厚度适中 贴肤舒适,丝滑透气!怀旧搞怪系列耐看又好穿,是19年主推的系列之一,字母➕品牌元素3D数码印花。码数M-3XL 黑色 模特176 138 穿L码
HC-170OFF2019SS spring and summer round collar fashionable short sleeve T-shirt, top combed cotton fabrics! Medium thickness and comfortable skin, silk slippery breathable! The nostalgic and funny series is durable and wearable. It is one of the main series in 19 years. The letters are brand elements of 3D digital printing. Code number M-3XL black model 176138 through L code