Salary:20000-30000 RMB Job description: [our dynamic feelings] We are the Beijing Honorary Mobile / Pacer, the global mobile health APP, 80 million users, 60% in Europe and the United States, jointly created the A round and SIG B round. We are committed to using technology to help ordinary people around the world enjoy a healthy and vibrant life. At present, financial self-sufficiency. We are entrepreneurial team, always adhere to the beginning of the heart. We believe that the best team can make the greatest product. We firmly believe that the whole world will eventually be driven by technology. We are creators, we seek to create real value, and we believe that the benefits will follow, refusing to burn money to create false prosperity. Our common goal is to achieve the best of ourselves by making a valuable thing to society. Why join us? We are looking for partners, not looking for employees. Here, you can take on jobs that you are not qualified for, or that you are not able to do well enough, and get the fastest growth. We do not talk about title. We do not look at contributions. People who really have the ability will have more opportunities to become heroes. We need you. 1. Scanning the frontier trends of major Internet segmentation industries and key companies at home and abroad, exploring new business models and opportunities; 2. Regular output of research reports to provide decision-making support and reference for the company's strategy, development planning and other aspects; 3, track the company's existing business development trend, and provide business strategy recommendations combined with the development of the industry; 4, assist related strategy landing; 5. Assist CEO to track the progress of the company's existing projects and support all kinds of temporary work needs. [expect you like this] 1, MBA, investment analysts, well-known consulting companies, PEVC experience is preferred. 2. Experience in data analysis and modeling, such as customer portrait, strategic planning, business liquidity analysis, etc. is preferred. 3. Proficient use of analytical tools (Excel, SPSS, etc.), have a certain degree of data mining capabilities (SQL, Python, etc.); 4. Good communication and communication skills, good logic analysis ability, with a keen sense of business smell, digital sensitivity. You will get it. 1. flat structure, flexible and efficient organization, the biggest room for growth; 2. salary and stock options in the Internet industry with more than 75% points; 3. five risks plus one gold plus medical insurance; 4. go to work at 10 o'clock. 5. free meals, coffee snacks, team building; Seven global tourism in 6..

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