PELCC Can Help You Authenticate Your Degree, Back Ground Check,TESOL for Your Work Visa WORLD-WIDE! PELCC Send message We at PELCC are able to authenticate degrees, Tesol/ TEFL and background checks from the UK, US, Canada, Australia , South Africa and most EU countries. Turnaround time is only 2.5 weeks. Applicants are able to utilize our services both within China or in their home country. In addition, applicants can have all of their documents authenticated and completed without leaving China. If you would like more information about our services at PELCC, please feel free to contact an English speaking PELCC representative in China at: 189 274 274 29. We are currently working with schools throughout China, and we hope that we can bring our services to employees working at your school. PS: We also offer step by step guidance in assisting applicants with obtaining criminal checks from their home country, please feel free to contact us at any time. Services Offered at PELCC: **Authentication of degrees, background check and Tesol / TEFL by the Chinese Embassy **China working visa processing **Teacher Recruitment **Background check guidance information Kind Regards Fenny PELCC Education & Legal Consulting Co. HK Website: Email: US Office: United States, Washington DC, 1629 K Street Suite 300 China Contact Number/Wechat: 86-189 274 274 29 Hong Kong: 852-31 74 64 14
PELCC可以帮助您认证您的学位,背景检查,TESOL为您的工作签证全球! PELCC公司 发送消息 我们PELCC能够认证来自英国、美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、南非和大多数欧盟国家的学位、Tesol/TEFL和背景调查。周转时间只有2.5周。申请人可以在中国境内或本国使用我们的服务。此外,申请人可以在不离开中国的情况下,将其所有文件进行认证和填写。如果您想了解我们在PELCC服务的更多信息,请随时联系PELCC在中国的英语代表:189 274 274 29。我们目前正与中国各地的学校合作,希望能为贵校的员工提供服务。 附言:我们也提供逐步指导,帮助申请人获得刑事检查从他们的祖国,请随时与我们联系。 PELCC提供的服务: **中国大使馆学位认证、背景调查和Tesol/TEFL **中国工作签证处理 **教师招聘 **背景调查指导信息 谨致问候 芬尼 PELCC香港教育法律咨询有限公司 网站:内径=105 电子邮件:邮箱 美国办事处:美国华盛顿特区K街1629号300室 中国联系电话/微信:86-189 274 274 29 香港:85 2-31 74 64 14