I am seeking an English Teacher position online or offline. I have been teaching English for more than 2 years .I am a non-native with a high level of English and a good accent.I have a bachelor\'s degree in English Language, Literature and civilization and my teaching license is obtained from the Ministry of Education. I am currently in Tunisia willing to move ASAP. Please take a moment to review my resume. Feel free to add my wechat ID: hasanmalaysia
我正在网上或网下寻找一个英语老师的职位。本人从事英语教学2年多,非英语母语,英语水平高,口音好,拥有英语语言、文学、文明学士学位,并取得教育部颁发的教学许可证。 我目前在突尼斯,愿意尽快搬家。请花点时间看一下我的简历。欢迎添加我的微信ID:hasanmalaysia